About Us

High, We are @Push Trees …. a company started solely off of an Instagram post.

We were smoking a joint in our front yard & talking as always ….as we were smoking I thought it would be a funny picture if I stood like I was tryna push the tree over. For those of you that don’t know , push means sell , and trees is a slang term for weed …So Push Trees is just a funny way of saying “sell weed”

After posting the picture we received a huge wave of positive feedback … then 1 fan said “make this into a shirt”. Shortly after Kush Friendly reached out to us and said he could get our shirts made. I sent a horrible looking sketch to Kush Friendly and his artist turned it into our logo you see today. We dropped the first Push Trees collection and sold out in 36 hours …the support from the fans was overwhelming… that’s exactly how Push Trees was born!

Push Trees is owned by myself @yola__youtube__

 & my girlfriend @Stoner_Dottie but it’s the fans that truly make it what it is today!

Thank you to everyone that has ever laughed with us , there are many more to come …stay dope.